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During the climactic final battle of a long-running dungeons and dragons' game, a neurotic dungeon master and an apathetic player find each other in a real-life struggle for control of the party's attention and respect. Each attempting one-up the other to prove they're the smartest.

Director's Statement

When you hear the term "Dungeons and Dragons" what comes to mind? Probably the image of a bunch of antisocial shut-ins huddled in a basement wearing robes and doing math. Although I can't say this is inaccurate I feel it doesn't encompass all that tabletop role-playing really has to offer. It may be geeky, but it's not because of your stats and rolls, it's because of the characters you become and the moments that could only happen in this kind of collaborative game.


I've been playing D&D for seven years and I can safely say that it's so much more than rolling dice and doing bad British accents, although that part is still fun. It's a medium that can create inspiration from nothing and allow people to tap into creativity that many didn't even know they had. The cultural perception of the game is tied up in math and magic but to me, the core of these games is the collaboration of making a story together. It's a way for a group of people to fully invest themselves in a world of their own creation and weave together a narrative based on every individual player's contribution. To me, it's a lot like filmmaking in that way.


So, Tumbling Dice is my love letter to the game, and I want to show off what it means to me and the countless people who encouraged me to play and help me fall in love with it.

Cormac Hennessy 2022

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