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This short documentary follows high school junior, Kelly Chaballa, preparing for her upcoming Spring track and field season. She walks us through what it takes to prepare to throw the javelin, how she came to the sport, and how she feels the sport has affected her as a person today.

5 minutes 13 seconds

Director's Statement

This short documentary was initially created as a project for a first-year foundational course. I didn't think it would become much of anything. It follows my sister, a junior in high school as she begins to prepare for the upcoming track and field season. She throws the javelin, what she simply described as a "gigantic spear"; her words, not mine. As I was making it I realized I didn't know much about what she did or why she did it. During the production of this film, I learned a lot not only about the sport but about her mindset and how she feels having grown up playing a team sport and her transition away from it.

I hop that people come away from this film with a deeper understanding of the other half of track and field. The half that most people don't stick around to see. On the outside, this short is simply a day in her life or preseason but further down it looks at a passionate, competitive athlete who is trying to grow into her own.

Kristen Chaballa, 2020

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