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Somebody's Fool



Pre Production


Gearing up for the final show of a long winded tour, an ambitious rock musician returns home to heartbreak. Ensnared by the nostalgia of an old flame, careers and passions are threatened in the pursuit of lost love.

Director's Statement

The greatest and most complex dramas of my life have come from romances. My first impression of lost love came from my parents and their eventual divorce. Emotional and nostalgic love remained but the relationship was gone. I would only understand a fraction of that pain going through my own difficult breakup. The process of two strangers meeting, falling in love, and losing it to devastating effect is fascinating to me. Tracking the entirety of a formed connections, all the small moments that make up love. Mating is primordial but our un/conscious emotinal associations with it give relationships meaning and importance. Love can be so profound that we attach a part of our identity to another, and once they're gone we lose ourselves. Unable to live day to day, we fall into the comforts of once was. I strive to depict the complexity of love and nostalgia which shift our perception of reality and individuality.


Somebody's Fool is an explorationof lost love, destructive attatchment, and loss of identity. While excluding his personal goals, our protagonist fights relentlessly for a lost relationship, based on emotional attachment through nostalgic perspective. The film intertwines grounded and grim visuals, representing the hopelessness of the present situation with warm and dreamlike tones during nostalgic moments. While adhering to the fundamentals of a Romance story, it's really a break up movie which looks to subvert tropes and honestly protray a complex character's experience.

Through the protagonist's journey to let go of the past, I hope to entertain and encourage others in similar positions to make healthy choices for themselves and their loved ones. "Failed" relationships are an opportunity to learn and improve ourselves. Heartbreak gets easier with each new partner, experience, and healthy separation. Out perspective on our agency and ability to achieve after a loss is extremely important for survival and happiness. We can choose to die in the past or thrive in the moment for a better future.

Leonardo Lorenzi, 2022

Meet the Team

Leonardo Lorenzi - Director

Leonardo Lorenzi (He/Him) is a Brazilian American film director with a passion for telling unique and personal stories. He first realized he wanted to make films when the main inspirations for career paths came from movies. Understanding the emotional power of art, he wanted to tap into that energy and provide others with the same experience. Leo has since won several accolades for his short films and video projects. For his experimental narrative short Gone to the Empty Spaces, Leo received the Youth Award from the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival. His current work centers around themes of mental health, LatinX identity, and finding personal agency.

Matt Ceklosky - Cinematographer

Matt Ceklosky is nothing more than a person who grew up holding a camera. He became very passionate with the art of magic when he was 8 years old, he would steal his mother's DSLR camera and film himself doing magic tricks. Ever since then, his love for magic and filmmaking have guided each other to where he is today. Creating not only films but also content for social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. He is currently working on two narrative short films as well as a personal documentary film on his life and magic.

Kristen Chaballa - Producer

Kristen Chaballa is an emerging producer and filmmaker, currently a senior at Temple University. She has worked on student theses in conjunction with senior producing students and has written many short films including Discounted and an Untitled Family Drama. Kristen is currently working as a producer on two short films while also working in distribution on a junior thesis film, Tumbling Dice. She is preparing to move to Los Angeles to finish her last semester this spring.

Lanazah Sullivan - Editor

Lanazah Sullivan is a twenty-two year old Philadelphia native who is passionate for filmmaking in all aspects. She has been making films ever since she was fourteen years old and has been writing since she was twelve. She developed a passion for editing in her sophomore year of college. She attends Temple University where she continues to hone her craft in school and outside of classes, she enjoys teaching herself new techniques of editing to better her craft. Her biggest joy is bringing stories to life.

Chris Kennedy - Producer

Chris Kennedy is a Philadelphia-based Producer at Temple University. After running a basement music venue in the Lehigh Valley for three years, he pivoted to film and has made a variety of music videos. Most recently he produced and directed an immersive live show featuring 6 bands, interacive performances, magic, and performance art. He's currently producing two senior thesis films and preparing to move to Los Angeles for his last semester at Temple.

Jessica McNamara - Production Designer

Jessica McNamara is a passionate production designer and senior at Temple University studying Film and Media Arts. She has production designed for multiple senior-thesis productions including Birdland, Bad Maggie, Bean and A Train Ride Away. Last semester, Jessica particpated in the LA Study Away program at Temple University and interned with two companies including Fox Sports. Back on Temple's campus for her last year, she is the Co-Video Creator for the Temple University Marching Band.

Sal Camarote - Associate Producer
Nathan Unuigbe - Assistant Director
Quinn Bobbitt - Makeup Artist
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