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Kristen Chaballa is an emerging producer and filmmaker, currently a senior at Temple University. She has worked on student theses in conjunction with senior producing students and has written many short films including Discounted and an Untitled Family Drama. Kristen is currently working as a producer on two short films while also working in distribution on a junior thesis film, Tumbling Dice. She is preparing to move to Los Angeles to finish her last semester this spring.

Many of the films Kristen is attached to have themes surrounding mental health, especially in young people, and familial struggles. She wants to shed light on the darkest parts of her characters' lives in hopes that it reaches an audience that is able and willing to help change the stigma that encompasses these challenges.


Producer's Statement

By creating films that revolve around the difficulties that life throws at us we can feel at least a little bit less alone. I want my work to have an impact that goes further than just entertainment. We need to be able to talk about the hard stuff without fear of how others may or may not react. I think this upcoming generation of filmmakers will be able to bring so much to the plate when our time comes.


Mental health awareness is particularly important to me and my work because it is something that is still so stigmatized even though mental illness affects so many of us. Having experienced and seen the lasting effects of mental illness on those around me has pushed me to want to speak out about it in a way that not everyone is able to. Stories and filmmaking have provided this sort of outlet.


I like to think that my work accurately tells stories that more than one person can relate to. I want to tell the stories that may not have made it onto the screen otherwise.

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