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Discounted is a painfully realistic dramatic short set during America’s largest financial crisis. Recently laid off mother, Sarah Grant, must keep normalcy for her young daughter Madison who is quickly excelling at ballet. While her funds begin to dwindle Sarah’s hopes for her daughter steadily rise Sarah’s rash decision making combats her husband’s logical reasoning. In a battle between herself, her husband, and their daughter’s future Sarah decides the fate of her family.

Inspiration Photos:

Marriage Story (2019) dir. Noah Baumbach

Polina (2016) dir. Valérie Müller and Angelin Preljocaj

Intended Audience

Discounted will appeal to audiences across the board, but will especially catch the eyes of:

Dancers who have trained in ballet ages 13 - 24

Single parents ages and parents with young children ages 30 - 45

People within the Suburban Middle-class ages 25+

Writer's Statement

Discounted is a story of hardship and family, of loss, aspirations, sacrifices, and everything in between. I wanted to explore the world of single parenthood while also revealing the world of art through dance and how one person's decisions can ultimately change the outcome of our lives.

The film has a heavy focus on an important mother-daughter relationship that is built out of martial fragmentation in a time of deep financial crisis. It questions the woes of capitalism and touches on the wealth disparity in America coinciding with the absence of art.

With eyes into both the adult topics, as well as through the child's eye I hope this film will shed light on the beauty and pain that come with divorce, unemployment, and dedication to something you love.

Kristen Chaballa, 2021

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