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To the Parents/Guardians is a scene about an underestimated senior in high school who is notorious for being a slacker, at least in her mother's eyes. Is she able to turn things around just before graduation and finally receive the approval she has been searching for?

2 minutes 13 seconds

Director's Statement

To the Parents/Guardians is a commentary on perceived stereotypes and parental pressure. Although short, the main character defies her mother's preconceived notions about the kind of student her daughter is. Films like this are important in breaking down barriers that have been set for years and changing the way we look at people. I want others to know that people are capable of change, in this case for the better. The themes in this short center around the underdog and their ability to rise to the occasion is both a time of need but also for themselves.

I want people to walk away not feeling bad for the protagonist but proud of her. I want people who have been in her shoes to know that someone will be there to listen to them and root for them.

Kristen Chaballa, 2021

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