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Mirror Mirror follows the story of a girl who is losing herself within a depressive state that personifies itself into hallucinations of her mother, a seemingly large stressor in her life.

4 minutes 53 seconds

Director's Statement

Mirror Mirror is loosely based on a short story I wrote for a creative writing class. It follows the story of a girl and her battle with mental illness. Throughout the story, she sees a figure that resembles her mother, a seemingly substantial stressor in her life. This film highlights the lows that the main character faces regardless of the good in her life.

I wanted to make this film, not as a knock to parents but to shed light on mental illness and the manifestations that it can become. I think it's important to nite that everyone experiences and perceives things differently, this goes for family too. Even though the anxiety is manifested in the girl's mother doesn't mean this is the only stressor in her life. While going through the woes of teenage hood she attempts to find peace within herself and her relationships that does not always work out.

I hope this film is able to shed some light into the mind of a person who has a seemingly very normal life. Not everything is how it looks from the outside.

Kristen Chaballa, 2019

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